The Wallace Higgins Family

Top Left to Right:  Wallace Jr., Lucinda, Wallace, Neil.  Bottom Left to Right: Eileen, Doris, Avis.

Neil Graduated from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia with a major in accounting.  He worked as a tax accountant for the government.  He married Louise Simpson and they had two children Janet and Donald.  In 1950, Janet died at age 7 due to a sudden illness.  At that time they moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, with their surviving 5 year old son Donald.  Neil and Louise divorced shortly after the move, and Neil remarried Sally Coin who had two children, Patty and Sandra by an earlier marriage.  They lived in Tampa where Neil worked as an accountant for several companies.  Neil died of throat cancer in 1967 after many years of chain smoking.

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